Tegile vs. Dell Compellent

Find the best fit for your business. More organizations are choosing Tegile over Dell Compellent Storage because Tegile flash storage solutions offer native block and file support (no NAS gateway needed), intelligent data caching for optimal performance, global inline compression and deduplication, and all-inclusive licensing.

 TegileDell CompellentThe Tegile AdvantageThe Verdict
Architecture FlexibilityAll-Flash AND Hybrid using the same storage OS and architectureAll-Flash and Hybrid, each using a different architectureUsing the same architecture and UI across hybrid and all-flash arrays simplifies storage administration and supports more cost-effective expansion"Once we started talking to Dell about a refresh, we realized that we were going to be getting essentially the same technology that we already had in place - it was updated and there was some new functionality but there was nothing that was really compelling. And, the price point was really quite high. So we thought, 'You know what? We need to take a step back and look at other vendors.'"
Protocol SupportMulti-Protocol (Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, SMB 3.0)Multi-Protocol support on disparate systems (Only FS8600 gateway device supports NAS)Consolidate your workloads on a single storage array. Tegile doesn't require a NAS gateway device."Our company has used iSCSI for years and we wanted a solution that would continue to support it. We decided to purchase Tegile which allows us to provide not only iSCSI but also NFS for vm's and SMB3.0 for our growing Microsoft environment."
Intelligent Caching vs. Complex TiersTegile automatically uses the fastest media possible with intelligent dynamic cachingCompellent uses SLC for writes and MLC for reads; data is migrated across tiersIntelligent caching eliminates unpredictable performance and extends the life of the SSDs"In the past, if all 300-plus chairs were refreshing the status, everything was so slow, but now we don't even realize that this issue exists. It's just phenomenal for everybody. You can imagine at 9 o'clock we check in more than 300 patients, so all of them are refreshed every 30 seconds and we don't see any latency, no issues, nothing."
Data reductionInline compression AND deduplicationCompression is for HDD tier only. File-based deduplication is post-process and on FS8600 only.Reduce your storage footprint by up to 90%. Post-process data reduction also generates extra I/O and processing overhead."In addition to CAPEX savings, our school also experienced a big reduction in operating expenses. We were able to reduce floor space requirements of the previous Dell Compellent by 75 percent, with a substantial savings on power as well. We also received a 40 percent data reduction savings after migrating from the old "system to Tegile due to compression and deduplication.
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)All-inclusive licensing for featuresAdd-on, "a-la-carte" licensingSimplify your purchase, and take full advantage of everything that Tegile has to offer"We were able to save $35,000 a year on support alone. Our TCO over 5 years was close to a $200,000 savings over sticking with the Dell"