Tegile vs. Dell EqualLogic

Find the best fit for your business. More organizations are choosing Tegile over Dell EqualLogic Storage because Tegile flash storage solutions offer native block and file support, global inline compression and deduplication, dual active/active controllers, and all-inclusive licensing.

 TegileDell EqualLogicThe Tegile AdvantageThe Verdict
Architecture FlexibilityAll-Flash AND Hybrid using the same storage OS and architectureAll-Flash and Hybrid, each using a different architectureUsing the same architecture and UI across hybrid and all-flash arrays simplifies storage administration and supports more cost-effective expansion"Each of the other products matched Tegile arrays in one or two of these features, but no other product brought all of these features together in a single product."
Protocol SupportMulti-Protocol (Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NFS, CIFS, SMB 3.0)iSCSI 10G Based (Can add NFS & CIFS with the additional EqualLogic FS Series NAS platform)Consolidate your workloads on a single storage array. Tegile doesn't require a separate NAS device."I can run SAN & NAS protocols in one array. Snapshots, clones, dedupe, replication - all features work the same for any protocol. That's awesome."
Data ReductionInline compression AND deduplicationCompression is for HDD tier only. File-based deduplication is post-process and on FS8600 only.Reduce your storage footprint by up to 90%. Post-process data reduction also generates extra I/O and processing overhead."If you don't have these features, it makes a big difference."
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)All-inclusive licensing for featuresAdd-on licensing and expensive renewal costsSimply your purchase, and take full advantage of everything that Tegile has to offer"We leveraged our maintenance renewal budget for a new flash solution."
Architecture ResiliencyActive/Active ControllersActive/Passive ControllersSimultaneous data access for twice the performance"With both controllers running, we were able to achieve over 30,000 IOPs with the entry level array. Wow!"
Firmware AdditionsNo management neededRequires personnel to manage all upgradesSeamless upgrades with no downtime"I was able to transition to 3.5v easily and the best part was that I didn't have to management the whole process like my past solution."