Tegile vs. EMC VNX

Find the best fit for your business. More organizations are choosing Tegile over EMC VNX Storage because Tegile flash storage solutions offer global inline compression and deduplication, all-inclusive licensing, and transparent caching and data movement across the performance and capacity tiers.

 TegileEMC VNXThe Tegile AdvantageThe Verdict
Architecture & DesignBuilt from the ground up for FlashLegacy storage architecture retrofitted for flashHigh performance with consistent low latency.  50% more IOPS @1msec latency with Tegile"We were blown away by the performance of our Tegile array. Our SQL database ran 12 times faster on Tegile when compared to VNX."
Data ReductionConcurrent Inline Compression AND DeduplicationCompression OnlyReduce your storage footprint to reduce storage costs. Higher density Tegile flash delivers up to 80% smaller footprint, 85% less power & cooling"The biggest thing we saw was Tegile's data reduction which reduced our disk space by 60%. The cost savings from that were close to the price of upgrading the EMC VNX 5500. Tegile allowed us to come in under budget compared to the storage upgrade, which our managers really liked."
EconomicsAll-Flash AND Hybrid using the same storage OS and architectureDisparate SystemsDial up capacity affordably by adding hard disk to any all-flash or hybrid configuration. Lower Operational expense."We started with an All-flash head and later added hybrid shelves - saved us a lot of money."
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)All-inclusive licensing for featuresAdd-on licensing and expensive renewal costsSimply your purchase, and take full advantage of everything that Tegile has to offer"Management thought we were overpaying for our maintenance renewal. They were correct, we used our renewal budget for a new Tegile solution."
Management SimplicityTransparent Caching & Data MovementData Tiering with EMC FAST-Cache & FAST-VPFeatures built into Tegile system with no additional cost"Nice not having to be nickel and dimed anymore."
Predictive AnalyticsCloud-based telemetry tracking along with predictive analyticsNo predictive analytics or cloud trackingReduction in time-to-resolution by 95%"95% of the time the Tegile support team can predict a problem before it occurs. Ex. Typical drive failure "Open a case on our behalf, fix the issue by sending replacement parts and closing the case for us."