If You Liked EMC, You'll Love Tegile

More customers are choosing Tegile over EMC because Tegile flash storage solutions offer greater flexibility, stronger data reduction capabilities and higher availability. This site provides you will all of the tools you need to complete a side by side comparison of the solution offerings.

How We Stack Up

 TegileEMC VNXThe Tegile Advantage
Architecture & DesignBuilt from the ground up for Flash Memory that delivers economical, high performance data storageLegacy EMC VNX storage architecture with a new Operating Environment retrofitted for FlashDelivers high performance with consistent low latency and better economics.
Architecture ResiliencyConcurrent Inline Compression AND Deduplication for both Hybrid and All-Flash storage poolsCompression available only for Flash pools. Deduplication not available for any storage pool.Shrinks your storage costs with less storage footprint using efficient data reduction technologies. Data reduction with a higher density Tegile IntelliFlash solutions delivers up to 80% smaller footprint with 85% less power & cooling.
FlexibilityAll-Flash AND Hybrid using the same storage OS and architectureDisparate Systems for different workloadsLets you to add capacity affordably by adding hard disks or flash drives to any all-flash or hybrid configuration. Lower Operational expense.
Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)All-inclusive licensing for all features and a Lifetime Storage program to keep your storage fresh for lifeAdd-on licensing and expensive renewal costs without an option to upgrade to the next generation solutionAllows you to simplify your purchase, and take full advantage of everything that Tegile has to offer, including refreshing to Tegile’s future technology using your OPEX budget.
Predictive AnalyticsCloud-based telemetry tracking along with predictive analyticsNo predictive analytics or cloud trackingReduces your time-to-resolution by 95%.

Don't Take Our Word For It

Don't Take Our Word For It

Industry analyst firm DCIG recommends Tegile IntelliFlash arrays over EMC storage every time. Read the feature comparison report for the two storage products.

For a broader perspective on the flash storage industry, download DCIG's Buyers Guide.

It's Time to Make the Switch

It's Time to Make the Switch

EMC VNX is the re-incarnation of the EMC Clariion product. The Operating System was built for a disk-based storage system and was only retrofitted to handle flash media. On the other hand, Tegile Arrays with the IntelliFlash Operating Environment was purpose built to handle multiple types and layers of media - even future persistent memory storage. It's the best storage platform that can handle ANY workload for the budget you have. With Tegile's Lifetime Storage Program you never have to be worried about having an obsolete storage system - ever again.

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