IntelliFlash vs. NetApp FAS

Find the best fit for your business. More organizations are choosing Western Digital IntelliFlash over NetApp FAS because IntelliFlash storage solutions offer greater flexibility, stronger data reduction capabilities, and guaranteed high availability.

 IntelliFlashNetApp FASThe IntelliFlash Advantage
Architecture FlexibilityAll-Flash AND HybridAll-Flash and HybridDial up capacity affordably by adding hard disk to any all-flash or hybrid configuration
Data ReductionInline Compression AND DeduplicationCompression and deduplication (Dedupe is post-process)Reduce your storage footprint to reduce storage costs
Enterprise-Grade ComponentseMLC SSDscMLC SSDsAvoid performance dips and get longer life out of your SSDs
Disaster RecoveryNative Replication Between All-Flash AND HybridRequires additional cost to license replication capabilitiesReplicate between any all-flash and hybrid configuration—without buying additional hardware or software