Tegile vs. Nimble Storage

Find the best fit for your business. More organizations are choosing Tegile over Nimble Storage because Tegile flash storage solutions offer greater flexibility, stronger data reduction capabilities, and higher availability.

 TegileNimble StorageThe Tegile Advantage
Architecture FlexibilityAll-Flash AND HybridAll-Flash OR Hybrid ONLYDial up capacity affordably by adding hard disk to any all-flash or hybrid configuration
Architecture ResiliencyActive/Active ControllersActive/Passive ControllersSimultaneous data access for twice the performance
Protocol SupportFibre Channel, iSCSI,
Fibre Channel, iSCSIConsolidate all your workloads on a single array
Data ReductionInline Compression and Deduplication on All-Flash AND HybridCompression and Deduplication on
All-Flash ONLY
Reduce your storage footprint to reduce storage costs
Enterprise-Grade ComponentsEnterprise-grade SSDs (eMLC) in
All-Flash AND Hybrid
Consumer-grade SSDs (cMLC) in
Avoid performance dips and get longer life out of your SSDs on both all-flash and hybrid arrays
Disaster RecoveryNative Replication Between
All-Flash and Hybrid
Native Replication Between
All-Flash and Hybrid
No deduplication on hybrid models complicates and extends data recovery