IntelliFlash vs. Tintri

Find the best fit for your business. More organizations are choosing Western Digital IntelliFlash over Tintri because IntelliFlash flash storage solutions offer greater flexibility, multi-protocol support, stronger data reduction capabilities, and high availability.

 Western Digital IntelliFlashTintriThe IntelliFlash Advantage
Architecture FlexibilityNVMe, all-flash, AND hybrid-flashAll-flash OR hybrid ONLYOne flash platform for ANY data-center workload from real-time workloads to secondary applications
Architecture ResiliencyActive/Active ControllersActive/Passive ControllersSimultaneous data access for twice the performance
Protocol SupportBlock AND FileFile ONLYConsolidate ALL your physical and virtual server workloads on a single array
Data ReductionInline Compression AND DeduplicationCompression and Deduplication on Flash ONLYReduce your overall cost by reducing your storage footprint on ANY IntelliFlash array – including hybrid flash
Disaster RecoveryNative Replication Between the ENTIRE portfolioRequires Additional Cost to License Replication CapabilitiesReplicate between any IntelliFlash array - without additional cost