Tegile vs. Tintri

Find the best fit for your business. More organizations are choosing Tegile over Tintri because Tegile flash storage solutions offer greater flexibility, multi-protocol support, stronger data reduction capabilities, and guaranteed high availability.

 TegileTintriThe Tegile Advantage
Architecture FlexibilityAll-Flash AND HybridAll-Flash OR Hybrid ONLYOne flash platform for ANY datacenter workload with all-flash and hybrid pools or all-flash & hybrid systems
Architecture ResiliencyActive/Active ControllersActive/Passive ControllersSimultaneous data access for twice the performance
Protocol SupportBlock AND FileFile ONLYConsolidate all your workloads on a single array
Data ReductionInline Compression AND DeduplicationCompression and deduplication on SSDs ONLYReduce your storage footprint to reduce storage costs on all-flash AND hybrid
Enterprise-Grade ComponentseMLC SSDscMLC SSDsAvoid performance dips and get longer life out of your SSDs
Disaster RecoveryNative Replication Between All-Flash AND HybridRequires additional cost to license replication capabilitiesReplicate between any all-flash and hybrid configuration - without additional cost