Where is the All-Flash Data Center?

On-Demand Webinar

Find it With Multi-tiered Flash!

The all-flash data center was to solve all our problems. We’ve had all-flash arrays for half a decade. Where are the all-flash data centers? The problem is that performance and cost have been opposing forces in data storage systems for decades, especially in the initial all-flash era. Recent advancements in flash technology are finally breaking this tension and are enabling a new class of applications while driving costs down dramatically.

In this webinar you will hear about:

  • New non-volatile memory express technology that is driving another 10X improvement in storage performance
  • How NAND vendors are driving density far beyond what has been possible with traditional disk drives
  • Advanced storage architectures that can leverage these technologies in the same system delivering unparalleled price:performance ratios to find the all-flash data center

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