DeepStorage Test Drive: Tegile IntelliFlash T4000AFA

On-Demand Webinar

DeepStorage Labs is known in the storage industry for pushing equipment to its limits, and for reporting what really happens at the edge of a system’s performance. Tegile’s IntelliFlash T4000, unlike a few previous occupants of the DeepStorage Labs ThunderDome, stood up to our testing and delivered high IOPS at a maximum of 1MS latency.

DeepStorage subjected the IntelliFlash T4000 workloads from the usual 4KB “hero number” random read to workloads that simulate OLTP and OLAP database servers, a file server and an Exchange server. We determined the systems performance individually and in combination finally determining the system’s ability to support a mixed workload environment.

In this webinar we will:
– Introduce the IntelliFlash array
– Describe the testing process
– Present the results
– Review the test environment
– Provide links to the test workload VDbench configurations

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