On-Demand Webinar

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Data Analytics

On-Demand Webinar

In today’s age of connected devices and 24-hour operations, Data Analytics is a big deal. Every business — big or small — is working on setting up the right infrastructure and software for their data so that the right insights can be gained in a timely manner. Businesses who are able to master this requirement are reaping significant advantages, including an edge over their competitors.

In this webinar, Sumeet Bansal, principal solutions architect for databases at Tegile, will sit down with the CEO of Netwoven, Niraj Tenany.

Netwoven is a Microsoft Gold partner that has been helping companies build and optimize their Data Analytics platform using software and appliances in the Microsoft ecosystem for the past 15 years. eBay, Chevron, Safeway and VMware are just some of the companies that Netwoven counts as customers. Niraj will talk about what sort of challenges his customers are facing in terms of infrastructure, performance, SLAs, and how his team is solving them. He will also share what sorts of trends he is seeing in terms of popular software and infrastructure being deployed in the field.

Then Sumeet will share how Tegile and Microsoft are helping businesses implement the right infrastructure for their Data Analytics platform.