Modern Flash Storage for Best of Breed IoT Projects

On-Demand Webinar

Customers who are deploying IoT platforms sometimes are forced to make difficult and limiting decisions for their infrastructure. Most application workloads are not consistent in their performance and capacity requirements, further compounding the difficulty on the infrastructure decision. A series of misleading choices often leads to over-engineering and thus overspending, or running systems that cannot meet the application demands. This webinar illustrates an approach for designing and configuring the compute and storage infrastructure for IoT. We will examine the importance of:

  • Storage optimized along both the performance and capacity vectors of flash drive technologies providing great performance as well as extreme capacities.
  • Fully flexible infrastructure providing several storage configurations allowing for an increase of raw performance with the addition of flash modules or increased capacity by adding cost effective dense storage(flash and/or HDD).
  • Multi-pool internal architecture that is so in line with the “pooling” methodology internal to many IoT architectures that design and administration complexities are lessened or completely eliminated.

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