NFS? VMFS? Which Should You Use?

On-Demand Webinar

Are you waiting on your storage team to provision storage for your VMs? Is your storage infrastructure holding back your productivity?

Tegile’s IntelliFlash™ storage arrays gives you simplicity and flexibility to utilize NFS and/or VMFS datastores across All-NVMe, All-Flash and Hybrid Flash storage. Compromise NOTHING! When you have the right storage solution you can enhance your end-users’ application experience – without breaking the bank. Our deep integration with vSphere, and the entire VMware stack, allows VM Admins to quickly provision, monitor and optimize with a few clicks. Our machine learning IntelliCare™ lets you set it and forget it.

Join us for 45 minutes and we will show you how to manage a massive storage and VM footprint at a fraction of your current cost and effort.

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